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news update November 2019

"Modern Music" by Be-Bop Deluxe

Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a new re-mastered five-disc deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition (comprising 4 CDs and a DVD) of MODERN MUSIC the legendary 1976 album by BE BOP DELUXE.

This expanded reissue has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and features an additional 55 bonus tracks drawn from stunning new 5.1 surround sound & stereo mixes from the original multi-track tapes by award winning engineer Stephen W Tayler.



news update September 2019

"The Incredible Shrinking Man" by Western Electric Sound System

Produced and Mixed by Stephen W Tayler

Western Electric Sound System write narrative songs, often rooted in traditional forms, but set among soundscapes, atmospheres and textures.  A love of  filmscore  has heavily influenced the musical output of WESS. Naturally inhabiting the outer margins and shadows, subverting the familiar, genre-bending and cultivating an improvisational  approach to writing and recording... 


news update July 2019

“Fighting Apathy With Shock” by Thinkman

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a new re-mastered compilation of the best of musician / producer RUPERT HINE’s albums released under the guise of THINKMAN.

“The Formula” was issued in 1985 and was a conceptual work. This was followed in 1988 by the album “Life is a Full-Time Occupation” and in 1990 by “Hard Hat Zone”.

All three albums were innovative and imaginative and the music retains a loyal following three decades on. “Fighting Apathy With Shock” has been compiled by Rupert Hine who has personally selected his favourite material from the three albums he recorded as THINKMAN. The tracks have been newly re-mastered by Stephen W Tayler.


news update May 2019

Howard Jones Transform UK Live Tour

Stephen joined the Howard Jones team for the tour of the UK to supervise and control the visuals he has created for the show.

Backdrops, images and characters appear on a semi-transparent screen behind the performers, creating a sense of depth and dynamic along with the superb lighting design by Yenz Nyholm.

The results were a great success.


news update June 2019

'Futurama" by Be-Bop Deluxe

A new re-mastered four disc deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition (comprising 3 CDs and a DVD) of FUTURAMA the legendary 1975 album by Be-Bop Deluxe. Newly re-mastered from the original master tapes, it features an additional 36 bonus tracks drawn from a stunning new 5.1 surround sound & stereo mixes from the original multi-track tapes by award winning engineer Stephen W. Tayler, unreleased out-takes, BBC sessions, a lavishly illustrated 68-page book, a facsimile Record Store poster for FUTURAMA, replica track sheets, and postcards and more! 


news update April 2019

Stephen at his mixing/editing station at the Chimera Arts Millside Studio at Real World.

At this stage there are several projects in progress, particularly the visual preparations for 'Transform' and further remixes for Be-Bop Deluxe.


news update April 2019

Anil Prasad - Innerviews - visit to Real World Studios

Was a great pleasure to meet Anil, he is fascinating and so knowledgable... he came to chat and interview me for Innerviews... we talked for HOURS!

Curious to know if I said anything interesting, let alone intelligible!


news update January 2019

Howard Jones invites Stephen to collaborate providing visuals for the upcoming Transform World Tour.

They meet with lighting designer Yenz Nyholm to create a vision for the stage presentation and develop the show over the next few months.

The photo shows a sketch of an idea by Howard, realised by Stephen and tested with the screen during pre-production at Siyan Ltd (Lighting and Production space) in High Wycombe.


news update November 2018

'Sunburst Finish" by Be-Bop Deluxe

Newly re-mastered from the original tapes, this reissue features 39 bonus tracks, including stunning 5.1 surround sound & stereo mixes by award-winning engineer Stephen W Tayler, previously unreleased out-takes, rare BBC sessions, a previously unissued '76 promo video for 'Ships in the Night' and a session for the Old Grey Whistle Test.
Complete with a lavish 68-page book with photographs and recollections by Bill Nelson, a facsimile of the '76 Sunburst Finish tour programme, postcards and a replica poster. 


news update November 2018

Howard Jones VIP Event at Metropolis Studios, London

To celebrate the release of the "Human's Lib" and "Dream Into Action" reissue box sets from Cherry Red Records, Howard, Rupert and Stephen gave a presentation featuring the original recordings, Howard performed an acoustic show, and they all had a chance to meet and talk about these wonderful records to an exclusive audience.


news update September 2018

Yet another opportunity to give a talk and demonstration at RMIT University in Melbourne, introduced by Andrew Duffield.

Once again a big thank you to Andrew and RMIT for the invitation, and to Elena Popa for the photo.


news update October 2018

Excited to announce the first live concert film by Brand X

Recorded and filmed at The Rites Of Spring Festival, Gettysberg 2018.

Edited and Mixed by Stephen W Tayler at the Chimera Arts Millside Studio at Real World for release on Blu-ray.


news update March 2018

On March 5th Stephen was invited to give a talk about his career to staff and students at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) presented by his old friend Andrew Duffield from the band models. It was the first time he has done anything like this and it was a wonderful experience. A big thank you to Andrew and RMIT for the invitation, and to Elena Popa for the photo.


news update February 2018

Stephen has mixed six amazing tracks for Western Electric Sound System, featuring Stephen Whitfield, Rob Forrester and Duncan Forrester. This trio perform wonderful guitar-based songs with very serious dark subject matter - brilliant!!! Stephen previously worked with Rob and Duncan when they were part of the band This Picture.


news update February 2018

Brand X release are about to release their new live album 'Locked & Loaded'

Recorded in Long's Park, July 2017. Featuring John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenny Grohowski, Chris Clark and Scott Weinberger.

Mixed by 'Perdurabo' Stephen W Tayler with an 'e' for Chimera Arts.


news update January 2018

Stephen has been commissioned to write the theme tune for "True Conviction" showing on Investigation Discovery Channel, produced by Weinberger Media.


news update January 2018

Pieter Nooten's new album 'Stem' available for pre-order now on CD or 180g limited edition vinyl with postcard and download code. 
Mixed and produced by  Stephen W Tayler


news update July 2017

My first ever live audio-visual performance took place at Pound Arts on 22nd July 2017. The whole experience was mind-blowing and so warmly supported by so many great friends. There will be more shows in the future!!!


news update June 2017

Brand X release their new live album 'But Wait... There's more! LIVE 2017'

Recorded in Sellersville, January 2017. Featuring John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Kenwood Dennard, Chris Clark and Scott Weinberger.

Mixed by 'Perdurabo' Stephen W Tayler with an 'e' for Chimera Arts.


news update April 2017

Stephen is currently preparing for his solo audiovisual show 'Ostinato' at Pound Arts, Corsham, Wiltshire on July 22nd 2017.

This will be Stephen's first ever solo live performance with music from his album 'Ostinato' featuring immersive soundscapes and visuals.

The sound will be presented with a groundbreaking sound system from Flare Audio, as well as the venue's own surround sound system.


news update March 2017

Stephen has been mixing a new live album for Brand X who have recently been performing celebrating 40 years since their first live album 'Livestock'.

The album revisits classic tracks taken from their original studio albums 'Unorthodox Behaviour 'Moroccan Roll' and 'Masques'. 'Moroccan Roll' was the first full album that Stephen recorded and mixed from start to finish in 1976/7. The band features original members John Goodsall (guitar), Percy Jones (bass), Kenwood Dennard (drums) and new members Scott Weinberger (Percussion) and Christopher Clark (keyboards)


news update November 2016

We are delighted to announce that Kate Bush’s long-awaited project ‘KT Fellowship Before The Dawn’ was released on CD and vinyl on November 25th. The album is comprised of live performances gathered from the groundbreaking, internationally-acclaimed concerts, Kate’s first in thirty-five years.

Stephen mixed the album, as well as doing audio postproduction on the project. “Nothing on the record was re-recorded or overdubbed” says Stephen “It was a monumental undertaking that consumed me almost completely for the better part of the past year. It took everything that I had to give from my many decades’ experience as an engineer and mixer, and I could not be more proud of the result”.


news update September 2016

Stephen has been preparing for live performance for the first time in decades - he has been setting up his instruments and equipment and practicing like mad - first rehearsals in France were a great success - incorporating much of the music from Ostinato along with works from Bert Barten and Pieter Nooten - soon to reconvene in Amsterdam. The music will be a collaborative blend of ambient, neo-classical and electronica with immersive atmospheres - more news soon......


news update summer 2016

Stephen has once again been busy with various projects he was unable to talk about - some clients prefer to keep a lid on information until they are ready.

(but it was actually a project for Kate Bush!!)


OSTINATO - September 2015

Esoteric Antenna are delighted to announce a September 2015 release for the solo album by award winning producer & engineer Stephen W Tayler - "OSTINATO"

‘Ostinato’ is a labour of love, built on a forty years’ vision by Stephen, who is influenced by modern electronica and is a Minimalist composer in the tradition of Terry Riley, Philip Glass, and Steve Reich.

" A beautiful and haunting filmic journey in sound.” - Kate Bush



Stephen has been working assembling, premastering and compiling tracks for the new album The Art of Peace - Songs for Tibet II, as well as lending his skills as a mixer to a handful of the tracks.

The album is in celebration of the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday and the contributing artists feature Sting, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Elbow, Lorde, Rupert Hine, Bob Geldof, Of Monsters and Men, The Crystal Method (feat. Meiko), Howard Jones, Duncan Sheik, Eleanor McEvoy, Rival Sons, Beyond (feat. Tina Turner), Ed Prosek and The Family Crest.



Rupert Hine and Stephen W Tayler hosted the 25th Anniversary celebration of ‘One World One Voice’ in the Big Room at Real World Studios on May 22nd 2015. Among the highlights of the evening were the screenings of the two films, originally simulcast to half a billion people in 1990 and now freshly restored by Stephen. The event was sponsored by Real World Studios, Focusrite and Chimera Arts.


news update summer 2014

Stephen started production for a new album by The Fixx.

Basic tracks were recorded at Unit 2 Studios and Bowerman Studios in London, and further recording and the mixing took place at Stephen's own Millside Studio at Real World Studios, Box.

watch this space - there will be news at some point!



'Unshy on the Skyline' is a newly remastered compilation by legendary artist and producer Rupert Hine. It features the best of his solo albums released between 1981 and 1983

The collection was compiled by Rupert himself and remastered from the original master tapes by Stephen, who recorded, mixed, co-produced and performed on the original albums, and contains a booklet with a new essay.



Engage has been performed at indigo at the O2 to launch the release of Engage in all its formats. Once again the visuals have been beautifully realised with projections at the front and back of the stage and superb lighting design. An app dedicated to the show was developed to be used during Engage, with images and text being sent to the devices in the audience. The app was developed by Simon Fletcher of and Stephen helped trigger the app events during the show.



Following the first performance of Engage, Stephen has directed a filmed version combining his original visuals with footage gathered from three performances with a studio based soundtrack produced and mixed in 5.1 by Robbie Bronnimann. The DVD and CD versions have been released, along with a collector's edition art book, beautifully designed and built by Ian Walden of Hush Creative.



'Fugue (Die Wende)’ is a reaction to an environment, and a collaborative participation in an exceptional event, the Leipzig Lichtfest ‘Kulturparcours’ 2014, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of the demonstrations in Leipzig that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the overthrow of the fascist DDR government.

Stephen composed the 4 channel score/soundfield and completed the postproduction on the piece - more information here



Stephen was delighted to be asked on board the spectacular show 'Before The Dawn' as the 'Kate Vocal Navigator'. Stephen was solely responsible for looking after the sound and levels of Kate's voice and controlling all of her live effects during the show. He was also responsible for the postproduction of the recordings of Kate's live vocals from the filming sessions at Pinewood Studios, where Kate sang in the water, and matched them for playback during the filmed sequences. Stephen was involved for four months that included all the detailed rehearsals and the twenty two shows at the Hammersmith Apollo.



Stephen has produced and mixed the album 'Carnforth Station' for Jennifer Crook at Millside, Real World Studios after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The album features Jennifer's beautiful songwriting, singing and harp playing, as well as her guitar and banjo. She is accompanied by Beth Porter ('cello, fiddle, voice), Mike Cosgrave (guitar, accordion, voice) with contributions from Kevin Brown (guitar, lap steel guitar) and Miranda Sykes (double bass, voice). Recorded by Stephen and Leon Hunt, mastered by Stuart Bruce, masterminded by Rob Bozas.




Stephen conducted the interviews for the documentary The Making of 'All Time and Space Fold into the Infinite Present (Cataract Gorge)' and put together the film, including the musical soundtrack. This film shows the locations and process of creating this large installation and explains the ideas and techniques used by artist Sadia.




'All Time and Space Fold into the Infinite Present (Cataract Gorge)' is a three (3) channel filmed installation with accompanying eight (8) channel soundfield, inspired by an interpretation of Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania, and featuring footage of the rapids captured by the artist in the Gorge. The work is monumental in scale with the three channels set across a single nine foot by forty eight foot screen.

Stephen performed the postproduction for the film and the sound, constructing the 8 channel sound field in the Millside Studio, with the audio and visual material gathered by the artist. More information here



Engage was performed at three shows celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Howard's recording career. For some pieces the images were projected onto a semi-transparent 'Kabuki Drop' screen in front of the musicians, and the audience were invited to participate using apps on their mobile devices, clothing and makeup. These events were filmed for future plans.



Stephen has been writing music with the UK branch of The Fishkillers for the soundtrack of the Flow Nonfiction documentary 'The Wounded Warrior Project'. The soundtrack was composed recorded and mixed at the Millside Studio with Stephen, Neville Farmer, John Bridger, Beth Porter and Kevin Brown.



Howard asked Stephen to collaborate in the creation of a multi media piece entitled Engage. Howard worked on the compositions and Stephen created the visuals, bouncing the ideas back and forth to create a unique blend of sound and vision, with elements of contemporary music, dance, movement and electronica.



Ostinato, an album of solo compositions by Stephen, was released as a digital download on 22nd October 2012

For more information and previews, please visit




Stephen's brilliant remix of Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 by Kate Bush was played in its entirety at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony to, well, rather a lot of people. Officials put viewing figures around the 750 million mark.

R.U.T.H 2012 reached No. 6 in the BBC official Top Forty singles chart.



'Beautiful Friction'

Stephen has had a long relationship with the band, having recorded and mixed their first four albums, and many other projects since.

30 years after 'The Shuttered Room', Stephen has returned again to mix this outstanding album.



Howard commisioned Stephen to create 25 visual pieces as projections for his international 'Humans Lib/Dream Into Action' tours.

Howard asked Stephen to interpret this material as moving images to compliment the rhythms, structure and dynamics of the music .

Stephen brings his musical and sonic sensibilities to a new dimension.


KATE BUSH - November 2011

"Fifty Words for Snow" is the second album that Stephen has mixed for Kate, establishing a close and personal working relationship with her. The whole album is set in a magical sonic landscape, with beautiful intimate performances of these mysterious songs. It includes contributions from Steve Gadd, Elton John, Andy Fairweather Low and Stephen Fry, with beautiful orchestral arrangements by the legendary Jonathan Tunick


KATE BUSH - May 2011

In 2010, Stephen mixed most of the tracks for Kate Bush’s first album in six years, "Director's Cut", which entered the UK charts at No. 2 on its release in May 2011.

The album consists of reworkings of several songs from her albums "The Red Shoes" and "The Sensual World" using some parts of the original recordings with updated vocals from Kate and new drums from Steve Gadd.